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TUBÒ is a Central Vacuum System.  It is comprised of floor-mounted hoses, wall sockets and a central vacuum unit located in a separate service space, which vacuumed dust is piped into. Using this system, bacteria and micro dust, the main causes of allergies and respiratory diseases, are not recirculated into the air.

Clean and silent:  these are TUBÒ's attributes.

TUBÒ guarantees a high level of cleanliness with silent operation: the central vacuum unit, installed in a service space or externally, enables the system to be used in complete freedom at any time.

In all corners, with ease

The flexible, light-weight and manageable hose ensures maximum functionality and easily reaches every corner of the home. Sockets are located in every room, eliminating the difficulties encountered when using traditional portable vacuum cleaners.

Bacteria and micro dust out

TUBÒ protects your health by deeply cleaning and sanitising your home. Dust is vacuumed and any recirculation of bacteria and micro dust is completely eliminated.

TUBÒ power

TUBÒ's vacuuming power is greater than that of a conventional vacuum cleaner: in this way, your home will benefit from more complete, long-lasting cleanliness.

Technology for the home

TUBÒ completely redefines the concept of home hygiene, making it suitable for the needs of modern life.  This is why architects and designers in Italy and abroad enhance their home designs by recommending the use of TUBÒ: to date, over a million satisfied users have installed the system.


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