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Shop - Localised Extraction

Local extraction is established in direct connection to the working process. This is done in order to remove the hazardous vapours and substances as closely to the source as possible before they are spread into the room.

When do I need local extraction?

We recommend local extraction at working processes delevoping gasses, dust etc. that are hazardous to health or explosive. We also recommend local extraction at working processes developing disturbing fumes, aerosols and bad smells.
Please notice that local extraction is also established at work places with varying duration and frequency of the process in operation.

Encapsulation in cabinets

In some cases, it is more efficient to carry out the working process inside a cabinet encapsulating the pollution and preventing it from spreading into the surroundings. This can be advantageous eg for work with laboratory analysis equipment or for working processes generating large amounts of dust, such as grinding.

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