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Isotherm Clear Ice Maker

 Isotherm Clear Ice Maker Malta,  Ice Makers Malta,  Cutrico Ltd Malta  Isotherm Clear Ice Maker Malta,  Ice Makers Malta,  Cutrico Ltd Malta


Isotherm 5S21A11A00000

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Product Details:

The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker uses the spray technology to offer you fresh, clear ice.

The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker is a compact, spray‐type, ice maker that will produce up to 40 pounds of crystal‐clear ice per day. The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker has a deep water reservoir designed to work in a mobile environment where other clear ice makers will not.

The ice produced is a barrel‐shaped, crystal‐clear, 'top hat' ice that is very dense and slow‐melting. Clear ice does not have air trapped in it like conventional white, crescent‐shaped ice. Conventional ‘white ice’ releases freezer air in drinks as it melts and changes the flavor of drinks. The Isotherm Clear Ice does not change the flavor of drinks, so whether you’re drinking water, sodas, or cocktails, you’ll get the pure flavor of the drink.

The spray-type clear ice maker stores ice in an insulated bin, not a freezer, so the ice is always a loose ice.  The Clear Ice Maker requires a drain. Also, Clear Ice Makers make the sound of spraying water.  NOTE:  The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker must not be installed where it may get wet. Proper ventilation is critical to trouble-free operation.

  • Complete stainless steel design
  • Production capacity of 18 kg per day
  • Spray technology for clear ice
  • Available both in 115 or 230 V and 50 or 60 Hz
  • Extra water tank for ice cubes made of clean water (optional)
  • Front and rear ventilation
  • Three flange options for critical space installations
  • For the supply of fresh water, a 15 liter water tank operating with a 230 V or 115 V water pump can be ordered as an accessory (Dimensions: 140 x 380 x 290 mm)

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