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Air-conditioning Maintenance

To protect your investment and keep your air-conditioning equipment in good working condition, it is a necessity to maintain and service it on a regular basis.  Air-conditioning maintenance will improve efficiency, reduce breakdowns, and increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

All of our air-conditioning maintenance technicians have a wealth of experience in AC maintenance and are able to maintain a wide range of air conditioning systems, for both domestic and commercial applications.

We offer both one off ad-hoc and planned maintenance. Ad-hoc maintenance will be charged at our hourly rate, where as planned maintenance will be charged at a fixed price.

Our maintenance includes the following:

  • Check and clean all filters.
  • Check operation of louvers.
  • Check fan motors for condition/abnormal noise and correct operation.
  • Test and clean condensate drain and pumps (where fitted) local to unit only. (using DrainKleen)
  • Clean internal equipment housing. (using EasyFinish)
  • Clean dirt from air-cooled condensers. (using HydroFoam 2.0)
  • Clean dirt from evaporators. (using RTU Evaporator Cleaner and Disinfector)
  • Lubricate all moving parts where able and required.
  • Check compressor oil level (via sight glass where fitted).
  • Check for fault codes (where available).
  • Tightness test electrical connections, and check for water ingress. Excludes mains Isolators.
  • Check general condition/security of interconnecting services.
  • Complete full test run of system in all modes.
  • Advise on additional remedial actions / repairs where these maybe required.


For domestic planned maintenance prices find the below forms. For commercial applications please contact us on 21498658 or email at We will arrange an on-site survey to provide you with a tailored maintenance plan that best suits your needs.

Residentail Split Maintenance Form 2024. Residentail VRF Maintenance Form 2024