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Repairs & Emergency Call Outs

We offer quick and professional repairs on all Air-conditioning equipment for both commercial and domestic units. We understand the importance of having your equipment repaired in the shortest time possible and reduce the downtime of any equipment. Since faulty equipment may affect the operation of your business, we offer 24/7 emergency repairs in order to reduce the downtime of your equipment. Our after-sales team has qualified, factory trained  & F-gas registered technicians that can diagnose faults and carry out the necessary repairs.

If you need to report a fault please call us on 21498658 or email at

Technician Labour Rates

Air-conditioning Maintenance

To protect your investment and keep your air-conditioning equipment in good working condition, it is a necessity to maintain and service it on a regular basis.  Air-conditioning maintenance will improve efficiency, reduce breakdowns, and increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

All of our air-conditioning maintenance technicians have a wealth of experience in AC maintenance and are able to maintain a wide range of air conditioning systems, for both domestic and commercial applications.

We offer both one off ad-hoc and planned maintenance. Ad-hoc maintenance will be charged at our hourly rate, where as planned maintenance will be charged at a fixed price.

Our maintenance includes the following:

  • Check and clean all filters.
  • Check operation of louvers.
  • Check fan motors for condition/abnormal noise and correct operation.
  • Test and clean condensate drain and pumps (where fitted) local to unit only. (using DrainKleen)
  • Clean internal equipment housing. (using EasyFinish)
  • Clean dirt from air-cooled condensers. (using HydroFoam 2.0)
  • Clean dirt from evaporators. (using RTU Evaporator Cleaner and Disinfector)
  • Lubricate all moving parts where able and required.
  • Check compressor oil level (via sight glass where fitted).
  • Check for fault codes (where available).
  • Tightness test electrical connections, and check for water ingress. Excludes mains Isolators.
  • Check general condition/security of interconnecting services.
  • Complete full test run of system in all modes.
  • Advise on additional remedial actions / repairs where these maybe required.


For domestic planned maintenance prices find the below forms. For commercial applications please contact us on 21498658 or email at We will arrange an on-site survey to provide you with a tailored maintenance plan that best suits your needs.

Residentail Split Maintenance Form 2024. Residentail VRF Maintenance Form 2024

Coil Corrosion Protection

Heat exchangers and coils are made using aluminium, which is relatively corrosion resistant even without any type of coating. However, the harsh conditions in Malta due to the pollution and salinity often requires additional protection. There are many airborne substances and atmospheric influences that shorten the life of heat exchangers.

Cutrico provides a long lasting anti-corrosion treatment for heat exchangers. This preventative process seals off the heat exchanger from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop.

The process can be applied to new units at our stores as well as on-site. It can also be applied to both Cutrico’s and third party manufacturer’s equipment on site and can be applied to any type of heat exchanger/coil. We are also able to apply the protective coating to already installed and operating units we just need to clean the heat exchangers prior to applying the protective coating.

Benefits of protecting the heat exchanger:

  • It will triple the lifetime of the heat exchanger
  • Prevents early deterioration and capacity loss
  • Could potentially give you annual savings of up to 30% on energy costs


For further information please contact us on 214988658 or email at

Air to Water Heatpump & Central Heating Maintenance

For a long-term, safe and efficient operation of your Air to Water Heat pump Central Heating System be it either with radiators, underfloor heating or a combination of both the system needs to be serviced on an annual basis.  

We are able to offer comprehensive maintenance and in this regard below find what is included for both the refrigeration and hydronic segments.

Heat pump Outdoor Unit:

  • Insulation measurement (power source circuit/ compressor).
  • Power source measurement (no-load voltage/ rated operation).
  • Operation frequency (outdoor unit operation check).
  • Refrigerant leakage inspection.
  • Cleaning of air heat exchanger inspection (using HydroFoam 2.0).
  • Fan inspection (Scratch, damage).
  • Check operation of cycle parts (compressor, 4-way valve, pulse motor valve).
  • Check and tighten electrical connections.


Hydro Unit & Hydronic Components:

  • Insulation measurement (power source circuit/ heater circuit).
  • Power source measurement (no-load voltage).
  • Check and tighten electrical terminals.
  • Operation check.
  • Refrigerant leakage/ water leakage inspection.
  • Water heat exchanger inspection & cleaning (internal dirt and clogging).
  • Inlet/ Outlet water temperature measurement.
  • Circulation pump inspection.
  • Air vent valves inspection.
  • Expansion vessel inspection.
  • Heater assembly inspection.
  • Check operation of flow switch.
  • Check manometer for any water leakages.
  • Check operation and any water leakages of safety valves, motorised valves & pressure release valves.
  • Check water system for any air blockages.
  • Clean strainers and magnetic filters.
  • Perform water test. (flush system and dose with cleaning chemicals if necessary).
  • Check operation of control systems and actuators.


Domestic Hot Water Tank:

  • Check heating element.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check safety release valve.
  • Check for water leakages.
  • Replace anodes.
  • Empty and clean tank from limescale.

For further information  please contact us on 214988658 or email at

Wood Burning/Multi-Fuel Stove and Fireplace Maintenance

Once you own a wood burning stove or fireplace you become responsible to ensure it works safely, burns cleanly and lasts a long time.


Stove maintenance can be broken down into two distinct sections. Much of the daily maintenance can be handled by the home owner and the annual complex maintenance will required to be done by a professional company.


Below you will find a list of the routine maintenance that should be done by the user:

It is important that when undertaking the maintenance the stove is cold.


  • Clean out the ash on a regular basis.
  • Regularly check all controls for smooth movement.
  • Check firebricks or inner cast iron for cracks.
  • Burn only dried wood and that is the correct size for the firebox. Burning wood that is low quality or high in water content will damage appliance, may cause a chimney fire and is very bad for the air we breathe.
  • Clean the glass.


The last part of personal maintenance is planning and booking the annual maintenance with a professional company.


In the annual maintenance we shall perform the following tasks:

  • Check the cast iron joints.
  • Check the stove rope. Might need to be replaced.
  • Check the stove glass for cracks.
  • Check that the door is air tight.
  • Clean the cast iron stove from any artificial rust.
  • Visually check chimney for any damage.
  • Clean the chimney from any dangerous soot build-up. (done using professional tools)


For domestic planned maintenance prices find the below form or for further information please contact us on 214988658 or email at