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Hotel La Falconeria - Valletta

Total Climate Control - Toshiba
7 March, 2017

Hotel La Falconeria situated in Valletta, our nation’s Capital was expertly converted into a boutique hotel. Cutrico was entrusted with the installation of Toshiba VRF air-conditioning systems, ventilation and dehumidifiers. The air-conditioning system consisted of 6 VRF outdoor units connected to over 50 concealed indoor units. The air-conditioning system is connected to the room management system to keep running cost at its lowest, whilst ensuring the correct temperature is maintained for their guests. Various extract & fresh-air fans have been installed throughout the hotel in order to keep the right conditions. Since the indoor pool is located beneath street level, apart from the air-conditioning system we also installed a dehumidifier to keep the humidity at the desired level.

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