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Hotel Palais Le Brun - Valletta

Total Climate Control - Toshiba
10 February, 2018

An authentic seventeenth century baroque palace located in Valletta, restored to its original beauty using 21st century technology to transform it to an upmarket boutique hotel. Cutrico was entrusted to supply and install the air-conditioning & ventilation systems. We worked closely with the client & architect to offer the right equipment for this prestigious project. Cutrico installed Toshiba VRF systems with concealed indoor units. Due to the height restrictions in buildings in Valletta, we had to install several mini-VRF outdoor units on the roof to respect the local regulations. The hotel has a well-stocked wine cellar which needed its climate controlled to store the wine it the correct ambient. To achieve this, we installed a dedicated wine cellar air-conditioner along with a humidifier to keep temperature & humidity at the optimum levels. In order to reduce the running cost of the air-conditioning system, the VRF system is connected to the hotel management system to operate only when the rooms are occupied.

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