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Toshiba’s Environmental Vision

Vision 2050
7 January, 2018

The international 2030 climate and energy framework for improving energy efficiency will have a significant impact on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors.


Vision 2050

The Toshiba Group contributes to society by providing environmentally responsible products throughout the world. It develops and manufactures air conditioning, hot water supply and ventilation systems as well as compressors with business operations that aim to reduce environmental impact. The environmental activities are based on the Toshiba Corporation’s Environmental Grand Design, which consists of six performance areas and four environmental strategies.

Toshiba’s commitment to the future

We all want to play an active part in preserving our planet.

At Toshiba Air Conditioning, we believe we can make a difference. With a global vision for our evolving world, we are committed to advancing research and developing super-energy- efficient and cleaner technologies that not only use significantly less energy but help maintain air quality using state-of-the-art air purification systems for homes and businesses.

This commitment is in line with the 2030 climate and energy package targets.





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