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Toshiba set to launch fabric-faced air conditioner

27 December, 2020

Toshiba is set to launch a new high wall residential air conditioner with a textile cover in a choice of colours.

Toshiba’s new Haori continues a recent trend for leading air conditioning manufacturers to offer models in a range of colours and/or finishes. Promotional literature for Toshiba’s soon-to-be-launched R32 air conditioner claims that it combines the aesthetics of the textile cover with A+++ efficiencies, low noise levels and a high level of filtration.

The “peel and stick” textile cover will be available in a range of standard and optional colours.

Three outdoor units will be available in cooling capacities of 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 4.6kW and heating capacities of 3.2kW, 4.2kW and 5.5kW. Sound levels are down to 39dB(A).

The unit employs Toshiba’s Ultra Pure filter, capturing up to 94% of PM 2.5, in combination with its Plasma ioniser to catch and neutralise the contaminated particles.

It also equipped with Toshiba’s self-cleaning Magic Coil technology that helps prevent water and dust from adhering to the heat exchange surface. As a result, impurities are easily drained out of the unit during defrosting.

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