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Triple-rotary compressor is key to new Toshiba VRF

27 November, 2020

Toshiba is set to launch a new multi system series air conditioner employing a newly-developed large-capacity triple-rotary compressor.

The SMMSu Super Multi Modular System was first announced in Japan at the end of last year, and scheduled for launch this summer. While the launch was obviously delayed and exact details are still under wraps, its introduction is now thought to be imminent. 

As might be expected, the new series claims further efficiency improvements, but also in more compact housings. Key to this is a newly developed Toshiba compressor with three compression chambers, a multi-valve structure with discharge valves located on both the top and bottom sides of the compression chambers, and the world’s first open-winding motor for air conditioners.

This large triple rotary compressor has been incorporated in the soon-to-be launched SMMSu line-up to achieve a far more compact design. The largest 20hp unit in the series measures just 1290mm x 780mm – a 40% reduction in footprint compared to existing units, which would require two units for the same duty.


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