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Toshiba wins top Japanese energy award!

New VRF Series SMMS-u wins the Highest Honor at 2020 Energy Conservation Grand Prize Award of Japan
27 December, 2020

A soon-to-be-released Toshiba Carrier multi air conditioner, employing a unique triple-rotary compressor, has won the highest honour in Japan’s leading energy conservation awards.

Toshiba Carrier’s Super Multi u Series has taken the Energy Conservation Grand Prize in the annual awards organised by Japan’s Energy Conservation Centre, and sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

As previously revealed by the Cooling Post, the new air conditioner employs what is described as the world’s largest capacity triple-rotary compressor and the world’s first dual-state inverter. This helps make the new air conditioner one of the most compact in its class.

The compressor is said to use an open winding motor with a high number of turns and a multi-valve to improve compression loss, depending on the air conditioning load. The dual-state inverter switches between inverter open connection drive and inverter star connection drive to achieve highly efficient operation.

Capacity of the new air conditioner is also enhanced with a new shape heat exchanger and propeller fan, and simplification of the refrigeration cycle due to advanced oil and refrigerant management control.

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