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Keep warm this winter with Devi Underfloor Heating

For any room in your home
10 February, 2018

Irrespective of whether your heating requirements are large or small, DEVI electrical floor heating ensures efficient, comfortable heating without compromising on interior design. You can find a DEVI floor heating solution suitable and optimized for every purpose imaginable. You can easy equip every room in your house or flat, not only a bathroom or a kitchen, but also a living room, a playroom, and bedrooms as well as a hallway.

The DEVI system is invisible, which gives you new possibilities for furnishing and interior design without having to consider space consuming radiators.



Do you dream about an exclusive bathroom with room for both comfort and style? With DEVI's intelligent heating system you can get you dream fulfilled without putting your finances under pressure.  

With an electric floor heating system, you can remove radiators and visible pipes, therefore you can furnish your bathroom as you like; this gives you exciting possibilities to design a completely new bathroom and allows for extra space, especially in smaller bathrooms. DEVI floor heating system completes the sense of comfort.



Do you dream of a nice and inviting kitchen? Most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen; therefore, flooring is very important for the family’s well-being. Underfloor heating is well suited for kitchen floors because it supplies good warmth while discreetly hidden under the floor. It leaves the room to be designed as you wish without having to consider the placement of radiators and visible pipes.

Your kitchen is the center of the home

The kitchen floor has to stand for a little of everything. The kitchen is where the food is cooked;it is here you gather with your family and friends, and your children play on the floor. Ceramic tile is often the primary choice for a kitchen floor. The only disadvantage is that the floor feels cold. However, with DEVI's heating cables or mats, you can turn the cold feeling into a pleasant feeling.


Living room

The living room is intended for rest and relaxation after a busy day; perhaps, together with family and friends, in solitude with a good book or an interesting television program, or you enjoy playing on the floor with your children. All these activities make demands on your heating system.

Underfloor heating is always near at hand

When you want to relax, the heating system in your living room will ensure a comfortable temperature that is neither too cold nor too warm. Above all, heat must be supplied to the room being used by the family.

In the living room, you sit still, and close to the floor, which is why a DEVI underfloor heating system is ideal. This ensures a pleasant warmth at floor level and a comfortable temperature at sitting level.  


Playroom and bedroom

A child’s room is a room for having fun, where children can play on the floor, read exciting books, and enjoy a good sleep. However, such rooms have some unique heating requirements. On the one hand, a child’s room must be pleasantly warm throughout the day to make it suitably inviting. On the other hand, it must be cool enough in the evening and during the night to encourage a good, deep sleep.

DEVI reliable solutions make it easy to control and optimize the temperature in children’s rooms.

Warm during the day, cooler at night

A child’s room must be warm during the day but cooler at night. This requires a heating system that can be set precisely to suit a family’s living habits. DEVI advanced timer control system and quick-acting underfloor heating system are easily able to meet demands for flexible heating in children’s rooms. An extra benefit is that it is ideal for the heating to be in the floor, as this is a child’s preferred play area when indoors.

It also means parents no longer need to worry about little fingers coming into contact with hot radiators. 


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